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Cam imagine

I walked down the road with a year stained face. It began to rain but I didn’t even care. I cared about nothing anymore. Just a few months ago I was raped and now I was carrying a little boy around with me everywhere I went inside of me. The even sadder thing is that my parents didn’t believe me and thought I was sleeping with people so they kicked me out. I has no where to go so I just packed my suitcase and tried to find a nice spot to visit. A car zoomed by me splashing water all over my stuff and me. I slipped and fell onto the ground. I didn’t try to get up. I just started to ball, right there in the middle of the sidewalk. The rain lightened up and I felt someone tap my back. “Are you okay?” Someone asked sweetly. I turned around and met eyes with the most beautiful boy ever. He looked so familiar and I felt like I actually knew him for my whole life. “Yeah-actually no. My life is so messed up and I’ve been kicked out of the house and ughh,” I was too frustrated to talk. “Here let me help you up,” he took my hand so I could stand up. He was staring at my stomach. “Yes, I’m pregnant. I was um-well raped and my parents didn’t believe me and kicked me out,” I said starting to ball again. The rain got heavier. “Hey, it’s okay. How about you come back to my place so you can get dried off?” he suggested. I didn’t even know this boys name but I had no one else who cared so I said yes. “I’m Cameron by the way,” he said as we got into his car. “Y/N,” I said with a faint smile. He drove us to his place and we talked the whole time. Other boys would of made fun of me or would bully me since I was pregnant. Cameron was different though. He cared and he didn’t even know me. He pulled into a parking space and he helped me up the steps to his apartment. “Woah,” a boy said when I entered and looked me up and down smirking. “Leave her alone Nash,” Cameron said gripping my arm. He lead me to his bathroom while carrying my small suitcase. “I have some girl shampoo and body wash under the sink for when my sister came to stay. You can use that,” Cameron said. He helped me turn on the shower and left. I got in and relaxed when the warm water hit my body. I was still surprised he hasn’t been rude to me about being pregnant. I finished my shower and dried my hair and changed into some clothes from my suitcase. I walked out of the bathroom and put my suitcase in the living room. Cam smiled when I walked out. “Can I ask you something?” He said as we walked away from a suspicious Nash and into the back bedroom. We sat on the bed together. “Listen I know we just met but you remind me of someone I used to know. Her name was y/n just like you and you look just like her. We were best friends when we were five to ten years old. I used to live in Texas so I know that you-” I stopped Cam. “Cameron!” I said. “The Cameron Dallas?” I asked still amazed. We were great friends but I moved to LA and I guess he ended up here too. He had changed so much and I had been so frustrated to even pay attention to how much he looked like the kid Cameron I knew. He nodded my head and grinned. “I can’t believe it’s actually you!” He said jumping up and down and spinning me with him. I giggled at his excitement. “You know I had a major crush on you since the moment I laid eyes on you in kindergarten. When I threw crayons at you I wasn’t trying to be mean, I just wanted to get your attention,” he said sitting down again. I blushed. “Part of the reason I came here was to find you. I know we were only kids but I never stopped liking you,” Cameron continued shyly. “Why though? I am pregnant. Any other guy would avoid the baggage so why do you still like me?” I asked monotonous. Cameron stood back up taking my hands in his. “I don’t care. Kids are a joy and I promise I will find the ass who did this to you. You are just as beautiful, even more actually, then when we were kids, and I don want yo thinking that you aren’t.” Before I could reply Cam leaned in and kissed me. “You want to come get some fo-” Nash walked in stopping when he saw we were having a moment. “Dude! Out” Cam said shutting the door on him. “Now where were we,” Cam said going back to kissing me. I couldn’t help but smile through the kiss. After all the bad things that had happened in my life something good finally came out of it.
Three months had passed since Cameron had found me. I was still rooming with him and Nash. Just a week ago I had given birth to a healthy baby boy, Matthew Nash y/l/n. I had promised Nash that he would get to be Matthew’s middle name if he helped out. Cameron had found the man who raped me by being persistent with the cops to get on the case. He was sentenced to life in prison and Cam helped me raise Matthew, who was named after his good friend by the way. Cam had proposed to me two weeks ago at my favorite beach. He had “will you marry me” written in the sand with roses all around. We were having our wedding on the same part of the beach as he had proposed. I never heard from my family but I didn’t care. I had my good friend Nash, a wonderful son, and the love of my life who accepted me when no one else would.